LevPharm Ltd, is an israeli pharmaceutical company which has just recently been established.
We  are dedicated to marketing innovative and quality products to health-care professionals, clinics and patients.

A breakthrough in Microbial
Susceptibility Testing.
Natural oral capsules that enhance
 stroke recovery.
Science-based natural health product that has been shown to protect memory function based on the naturally occurring ingredient, homotaurine, found in seaweed.  

Growth-factor Enhanced Matrix for periodontal use, engineered to stimulate wound healing and bone regeneration. 
GEM 21S® is currently approved for use in Israel in 3 Periodontal centers. Expansion of use will be followed by their expert experience.

LevPharm Ltd has signed an agreement with OssDsign to represent it in Israel and markets its products in the NeuroSurgery field  

 Lev Pharm ltd.  10 Levinson str. Petah-Tikva 49401 Israel     Tel: +972-3-9230851   Fax:  +972-3-9245074