specializes in marketing innovative medical solutions from reputable international companies.
We focus on un-met conditions and creative resolutions.
Among our products: Diagnostic& Practical Assistance kits, Medical Devices, Medical Foods, value added Food Supplements and Pharmaceuticals.

Our services include:

Sales and Distribution.
Strategic alliance with medical multinational companies.
Regulatory Registration.
Market Analysis
Market Access
Products medical management.
Clinical Research Facilities for our marketed products. 

 LevPharm Ltd assets are as follows:

In depth observation of un-met medical problems.
Professional product management, Team Leading and targeted field force and sales.
Identification of necessities in the various therapeutic categories.
A platform of regulatory affairs, legal, reimbursement and medical support services.
Excellent relationships with top medical care experts in Israel.
Distribution channels to SFs, Hospitals and pharmacies.
Smooth access to the Israeli MOH, Health Providers, Sick Funds (SF) and Pharmacies,
Excellent relationships in the school of Pharmacy of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Knowledge of measuring market's needs.
Clinical studies skills.
Co-working with top experts in the fields of registration, marketing and distribution.
Excellent relationship with top pharmaceutical local companies with manufacturing capabilities.
Relationships toward international marketing.
Available finance resources and free access to capital money.
PR and DTC (Above and below the line) expertise.



LevPharm Ltd has signed an agreement with OssDsign to represent it in Israel and markets its products in the NeuroSurgery field  

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