Innovotech signs agreement for distribution of its bioFILM PA™ test in Israel
10-18-2010 Innovotech's Biofilm Test Shows Significant Differences in Antibiotic Choices for Cystic Fibrosis Patients Compared to Conventional Testing
08-27-2012 Homotaurine has been approved in Israel in 50mg daily consumption
09-04-2012 Nuraid (NeuroAid) gained marketing approval in Israel


NurAid at the Israeli Media. An article at "Yedioth  Aharonot" been published on Aug 25th 2013

LevPharm has signed a mutual agreement with Jaymac Pharmaceuticals LLC to market in Israel the EnLyte , the first advanced generation folate prescription containing the optimal combination of three folates, as well as B-vitamin metabolites, all proven effective in the dietary management and treatment of mild, moderate, and severe depression


LevPharm Ltd has signed an agreement with OssDsign to represent it in Israel and markets its products in the NeuroSurgery field  

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