From the Israeli TV July 2nd 2018:
from 1:17-6:38

uction of cranial defects.

OSSDSIGN Cranial is a mosaic-designed ceramic implant made out of calcium phosphate-based tiles, reinforced by a titanium skeleton. The ceramic material is bioactive, as shown by in vitro hydroxyapatite formation1, while strength is derived from the titanium skeleton.

OSSDSIGN Cranial PSI is custom-made for the individual patient, based on computer tomography images of the patient. The implant is indicated for craniofacial non-load bearing applications. OSSDSIGN Cranial fills the cranial void, protects the underlying brain and enhances the patient’s cosmetic appearance. 

LevPharm Ltd has signed an agreement with OssDsign to represent it in Israel and markets its products in the NeuroSurgery field  

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