EnLyte  is the first advanced generation folate prescription containing the optimal combination of three forms of folate, as well as B-vitamin metabolites, all proven effective in the dietary management and treatment of mild, moderate, and severe depression.
EnLyte is a welcome addition to this market, at a time when leading authorities are endorsing the use of folates. Lawrence Ginsberg, MD, Red Oak Psychiatry and leading authority on depression research and treatment states, "folate therapy is the essential cornerstone in the treatment of all patients afflicted with depression." Furthermore, both the American Psychiatric Association (APA) Guidelines and The American Journal of Psychiatry recommend the use of folate supplementation in depression.


 EnLyte, ניתן לרכישה (בינתיים) רק באמצעות בקשת הרופא המטפל ובאמצעות טופס מיוחד שמוגש למשרד הבריאות ולאישורו.

רופא נכבד,
להלן טופס 29ג לחולה יחיד.(פרטני).
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